Exhibition stand design

Stand design for CSTB’15

About the project

That was a unique experience — the goal was to create a stand design for CSTB’15.
CSTB is a Telecom&Media exhibition. It took place in Moscow in 2019. The company I was working for was to attend the exhibition, and we had to come up with a stand design. The stand area was pretty small so we had to showcase as much information as possible using quite a limited area. Anyhow, take a look at my mockups and photos of the stand 🙂

So there were two walls — one for each product. Both products were based on the common technology.

And here is a photo made there. It was challenging to work with huge print materials design and to come up with good layouts for the walls. It was important to understand how visitors would interact with our stand and the information there. So… it was a great experience!