Port Douglas Uncovered

UI/UX analysis and redesign


Port Douglas Uncovered hired me to work on their website redesign. They understood there were some specific problems in UX and wanted me to come up with right decisions.

UI/UX Designer & Web Designer

UI/UX Analysis
UI/UX Design
Web Design



The goal was to make a UI/UX analysis of the PDU website and come up with design decisions and improvements.

Important: we did not have to change current style and colors. The changes needed to be smart, but not crucial for visual design. We needed to keep the brand recognizable.

Here are some parts of my UI/UX analysis

User Journey Map

We continued working on UX and reviewed the navigation. Here is a clean user journey map we came up with.

Design Work

After UI/UX analysis and navigation optimization were done, we moved on to creating visual design decisions.

We came up with engaging categories avatars and tabbars inside the category. All in one place, but structured and divided.
Home page
Trips page
Adaptive design


I am very happy to see the updated website live. The client followed my recommendations and used the designs I came up with. Now, the PDU website is definitely much more user-friendly ?