Email Template

Email design for an e-ticketing system


For ETEMA.RU, I created an email template design. Before, there was no specific style for the emails. Now, we are going to incorporate these emails to keep consistent with the new brand look & feel.

The emails are a very significant part of an e-ticketing system. They need to be very clean and straightforward. Users need to be able to get the idea right away: whether there is a weekly newsletter or some important information about the upcoming event. I decided to make this email look unusual — the layout is fancy, but the UX is super user-oriented.

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Email design

ETEMA Ticketing System

Email in your browser

So this is how this email design is gonna look in Gmail (or elsewhere).

Various subjects

After the new email template style was ready we’ve come up with a list of email subjects:

— greetings to a new user
— receiving a ticket
— event cancelled/delayed, etc.

The general layout is the same in every email, but there are some differences depending on the subject.